sexythornton.jpg I found in my folder. I can’t remember drawing it, but I’m pretty sure it has sth to do with mapheaded

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Omg, he’s sooo cute, why is he not always written/drawn with a ponytail and glasses??? I looooove it, IT’S PERF :DD

well, I’m not the writer of us *tries to wink*

duval wink gif

30 mins Sanji doodle
(yes, I needed 30 mins for that orz)
sassafrasx replied to your photo: “I’ve been rewatching “The Snow Queen” (눈의 여왕) and I always end being…”:
So pretty!!! :D Damn, it’s been so long since I’ve watched any K drams… Friends used to show me all the good ones back in the day.

She’s a natural!! :D Aside from “King Of Dramas”, it is for me, too. Kind of. I got some recommended, like Goong and Coffee Prince, but I think I mostly just watched them because of certain actors 8D (Like, you start somewhere and then look up the actros other dramas etc.) (Thinking about it, I think the only reason I watched Snow Queen was because I mixed it up with Snowflower, where Super Junior Kibum has a role in, orz omg (and the I watched Hong Gil Dong because of Sung Yuri and then there was Jang Geun Suk, so You Are Beautiful and so on))

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